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Centralised Hotellinx customer and marketing register for hotel groups

Using Hotellinx Suite, hotel groups can create multi-hotel environments in different ways, depending on the sizes and locations of their hotels and the connections between them.

If all hotels are in the same centralised database, accessed remotely from each hotel, they automatically share the same customer and marketing register. If the hotels have their own local databases, they can either also have their own local customer and marketing registers, or they can share a common centralised register.

A centralised customer and marketing register gives the head organisation control over marketing and follow up and improves guest service. Knowing what hotel(s) a guest has visited at what time(s) of the year etc., makes it easier for you to target your marketing efforts, and for example get the same guest to visit other similar hotels within your group. A centralised customer register also makes it possible to collect points for loyal customers, and to access these points from any of the hotels.

The Hotellinx customer register includes details about companies and persons connected to the companies, but also about private persons. Statistics are available for both companies and persons. To make sure that the customer data in your register is useful, Hotellinx can demand users always to fill in certain fields and add all new customers to the register.

When several hotels have their own local databases, but share a common customer and marketing register, everything that has with customer information to do is taken from / added to the central database, while everything else is handled locally. The programs look the same regardless of whether the customer register is local or centralised, and the users cannot see where the customer and marketing register is located.

A centralised Hotellinx customer and marketing database

  • Makes marketing better targeted and therefore more efficient and less expensive
  • Lets you organise marketing and delegate tasks, because the same marketing tasks can just as well be carried out in any of the hotels as in the head office
  • Improves service, because all hotels can have access to all guests and their special requests and preferences, no matter what hotel(s) they have stayed in before
  • Gives centralised customer statistics, which allows you to compare hotels within your group
  • Works with Hotellinx SQL and MSDE databases over online connections between the hotels and the central register

Contact us for more information about centralised customer registers, and also about centralised sales reports for hotel groups.


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