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Hotellinx Suite Microsoft SQL Server and other database options

Hotellinx Suite is scalable and lets you choose between three different database options.

For small properties, for trial and for educational purposes, Microsoft Jet Engine is an inexpensive and flexible solution, which installs automatically with the Hotellinx Suite package.

If your property is a little bit bigger and you have more than just a few users, we recommend Microsoft MSDE, which is powerful, but still inexpensive, because the database license is included in the Hotellinx Suite software license.

For large properties, we recommend Microsoft SQL Server, which can support thousands of rooms and hundreds of workstations.

Using Hotellinx Suite with a Microsoft SQL or MSDE database, you have a reliable environment with additional Hotellinx features that are not available with a lighter database solution

  • You can build complex, yet stable multi-hotel environments, where many hotels have remote access to each other for real-time reservations
  • Multi-hotel environments can be created with several hotels in the same centralised database, or with all hotels in separate local databases
  • In a hotel group, the hotels can all have their own local databases, but share a common customer register, which enables centralised and streamlined marketing
  • A hotel group with a centralised customer register can also get centralised sales reports
  • You can save more old data in the active database for a longer time
  • You have access to additional reports
  • There are no restrictions on number of rooms or number of users

If you are unsure of what database option is the best for you, please contact us and we shall be happy to assist you.


Hotellinx Suite - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Partner Solution

The smart all-in-one solution for hotels, hotel groups and restaurants
  • Reservations for hotel, restaurant, conference, activities ...
  • Check-in/-out, invoicing
  • Multi-property
  • Built-in POS
  • Yield management
  • Internet reservations
  • Export to Microsoft Word, Excel ...
  • Uses Microsoft SQL databases
  • Hotellinx Mobile module
  • For large and small hotels, hotel groups, restaurants, conference centres, serviced apartments, hotel schools ...
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Hotellinx Suite PMS and POS Quick Start Guides

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