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Hotellinx Suite for Hotel Chains

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Hotellinx Suite offers many advantages to hotel chains. As a software package, which includes a wide range of features and is easy to install, train and maintain, Hotellinx Suite is the ideal choice for hotel chains. Flexible pricing models and special chain agreements give you full functionality at reasonable costs, also for bigger hotels and hotel chains with a large number of users.

Hotellinx for Hotel Chains

All hotels in one central database ...

Hotellinx Suite is a multi-hotel software. This means that you can share one database between several hotels. With this solution, the sales office can work in multi-hotel mode, while the individual hotels can be restricted to access only their own resources.

... or synchronization between CRO and local hotel databases

There are several chain solutions, and individual hotels can also have their own local Hotellinx databases, communicating with the Hotellinx in the central office through the Hotellinx CRS Client. Reservations can be made, changed and cancelled both in the central office and locally in the hotels. Most parameters, for example segments, room types and rates are maintained centrally and updated to the hotels by the Hotellinx CRS Client.

Centralized marketing

In all Hotellinx Suite chain solutions, the customer register and its marketing functions are centralized and customer details from each hotel are updated to the central Hotellinx database. Visits are cumulated by hotel as well as totally for all hotels, all individual hotels have access to all customer information and loyalty points can be managed.

Centralized reporting

Sales and statistics from each hotel can be updated automatically to the central Hotellinx database and periodical export files can also be created and used for centralised reporting.

Internet reservations

Hotellinx Suite's own internet reservation modules for room and table reservations can be used at chain level or locally. Or if a chain has its own special web booking site, it can be integrated with Hotellinx Suite.

GDS connections

Through an XML interface, real-time integration with different GDS systems and other web booking sites can be implemented at chain level or for each hotel separately. The integration is two-way, availability and rates are delivered to the external system and reservations are received straight into the hotel database. For this type of integration, Hotellinx Suite has its own XML communication specification, which is available on request.


Hotellinx Suite - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Partner Solution

The smart all-in-one solution for hotels, hotel groups and restaurants
  • Reservations for hotel, restaurant, conference, activities ...
  • Check-in/-out, invoicing
  • Multi-property
  • Built-in POS
  • Yield management
  • Internet reservations
  • Export to Microsoft Word, Excel ...
  • Uses Microsoft SQL databases
  • Hotellinx Mobile module
  • For large and small hotels, hotel groups, restaurants, conference centres, serviced apartments, hotel schools ...
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Hotellinx Suite PMS and POS Quick Start Guides

Hotellinx Suite interface to Ariane self-service kiosks. Check-in, check-out, walk-in, ... Contact Hotellinx Systems Ltd for more information.
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